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What Year Was P-Roach Created?1900's
Who or What band replaced their song on WWENickles,Pennies,Dollars
Who Is Jacoby's STEP-Grandpa?Flyswatter!
Who Is Jacoby's Wife?High School Sweetheart
Who Is Jacoby's Eldest Son?A Fan's Name
Who Is Jacoby's Second Son?'moves like jagger'
Who Is Jacoby's Youngest Son?Named After A School
Jacoby's TV Show?MTV
Jacoby's First Stage Name?**by ***k
Jacoby's First Instrument In P-Roach?The First One Before He Tried The Bass
Jacoby's Addiction?Cause Of Hungover
Jacoby's RETRIED Addiction?Illegal In SOME Countries
What Did Jacoby Do As A Showstopper On Jones Beach At The Concert Wee!
What Band Did Jacoby Mention On One Of The Interviews?You're a big fan if you answer this
God Damn Son Of A Bitch!!What Song?
The Song, 'She Loves Me Not' is Dedicated To ***** and Jacoby's Faulty RelationshipClub Girl?Wife?Son?Sister?
When Did Jacoby Get Married?A Few Days after the Fourth Of July

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