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HintAnswerExtra Info
The WriterFull name needed
His Muse full name needed
Proposed to Girlfriend at the Precinctfull name needed
His girlfriend is a Medical Examiner full name needed
Her boyfriend is a Detective full name needed
The Writer's Daughter full name needed
The Writer's Mother full name needed
The late Captain of the Precinct full name needed
Alexis' BoyfriendFirst name only
__th Precinct; Where Beckett works.Number of Precinct (in numerals)
Who the Writer left with in the Season 2 finale full name needed
Dr. Motorcycle Boy full name needed
Song that was sung by most of the cast at the end of 'Last Call'
Name of the bar Castle now owns ('Last Call')
Pairing name Castle comes up with for Lanie and Esposito in 'One Life to Lose'
Beckett used to watch this soap opera with her mother. ('One Life to Lose')
Name of Beckett's mother. FULL NAME NEEDED
Name of Beckett's training officer. FULL NAME NEEDED
Feed the _____
Kate's father FULL NAME NEEDED
Main Character of Castle's books based off of Beckett
Main Character of the Storm series
1st book of the Heat series
2nd book of the Heat series
3rd book of the Heat series
HintAnswerExtra Info
Derrick Storm novel that will be a graphic novel
'You smell like ______'
'_____ the front door!'
One-word phrase that is said by Castle to Beckett and vice versa
Castle's twitter username
According to Beckett, this is her and Castle's 'Song'Singer not needed
Alexis and Ashley's songSinger not needed
Number of times a main character has actually been shot on CastleNOT SHOT AT; actually shot (Can be alive or dead)
This episode is when Hal Lockwood escaped prison.Episode title
Proven to be a traitor in 'Knockout'; had a 'Last Stand'full name needed
Name either of Beckett's Badge numbers
Name the other Badge number that Beckett hasYes, there are two.
Series creator full name needed
Actor who plays Richard Castle full name
Actress who plays Kate Beckett full name
Actor who plays Espositofull name
Actor who plays Ryan full name
Actress who plays Alexis Castle full name
Actress who plays Martha Rogers full name
Actress who plays Lanie Parish full name
Episode in which the serial killer appears (Allowed Castle to live; Beckett and Co. Never caught the serial killer)Only appeared once in the series at this point
Castle gives Beckett this beverage; 'She stole my _____, Castle! What's next, my soul?'
Name one of the two usernames mentioned by Castle in 'Little Girl Lost'Usernames on Castle's mailing list
Meredith's pet name for Castle; Castle to Beckett - 'You know what I really, REALLY want. Never, EVER, call me ____.'
Ryan's fianceefirst name only

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