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BBC2 6.00 - Quiz show with 'greatest team in Britain'.  
C4 6.30 - Soap opera set in Chester 
BBC1 7.00 - Magazine show with Adrian Chiles 
BBC1 7.30 - New science show. 
Five 8.00 - Technology related programme. 
E4 9.00 - Singing and dancing american sitcom 
ITV1 6.00 - Weeknightly news programme 
E4 6.30 - American hospital sitcom 
ITV1 7.00 - Soap opera set on farm 
Five 7.30 - Oriental cuisine show. 
ITV1 8.00 - Chris Tarrant hosts a high jackpot quiz show 
More4 9.00 - Documentary about childbirth 
C4 6.00 - American animated comedy starring yellow family 
BBC2 6.30 - Cookery competition celebrating national cuisine 
BBC3 7.00 - Children's spinoff of Doctor Who 
Five 7.30 - Coin flipping game show 
BBC1 8.00 - School-based drama show 
ITV2 9.00 - US singing reality show 
Five 6.00 - Australian soap opera 
More4 6.30 - Noel Edmonds and the Banker 
BBC1 7.00 - Soap opera on famous square 
E4 7.30 - American comedy about a man who believes in karma 
BBC1 8.00 - Anne Robinson's consumer goods programme 
Five USA 9.00 - American crime forensics show 
Dave 6.00 - Clarkson's motoring show 
Fiver 7.00 - Australian soap that launched Kylie's career 
BBC1 7.30 - Sue Barker's sports quiz show 
BBC3 8.00 - Art of scams show 
ITV1 8.30 - Britain's most famous street 
E4 9.00 - Jo Frost showing parents how it's done 
ITV1 6.00 - Video mishap programme 
BBC4 7.00 - New Attenborough wildlife show 
ITV1 8.00 - National talent search for Royal Variety 
BBC1 9.00 - Flagship medical soap 
Watch 6.00 - Anne Robinson quiz show 
BBC 2 7.00 - Documentary following line above the equator 
BBC3 8.00 - Sci-Fi show starring Matt Smith 
E4 9.00 - US drama on Wisteria Lane 

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