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Name the last name that Vernon thought his nephew might have after he left the bakery.The Boy Who Lived
Name Petunia's friend that Vernon suggested to take Harry to that was on vacation in Majorca.The Vanishing Glass
What is the name of the hotel the Dursleys and Harry went to after they left Privet Drive?The Letters from No One
When Harry was thinking about the times he accidently caused magic after denying that he was a wizard, what was he staring at?The Keeper of the Keys
How much do glittery-black beetle eyes cost in Diagon Alley?Diagon Alley
What did Molly Weasley tell Fred and George not to do that made them say that it was a great idea?The Journey from Platform Nine and Three Quarters
After Neville was put in a house, he accidently wore the Sorting Hat all the way to Gryffindor Table. When he finally handed back the hat, who did he give it to?The Sorting Hat
What two names in History of Magic did Harry get mixed up?The Potions Master
What did Harry originally think 'Wood' was, before he knew that Wood was a person?The Midnight Duel
What did Hermione say to make nice and long when they were practicing the spell Wingardium LeviosaHalloween
What year did a Quidditch World Cup take place that happened to consist of all seven hundred ways of committing a Quidditch foul?Quidditch
Name the full inscription on the Mirror of Erised, and not the translation.The Mirror of Erised
How old is Perenelle Flamel?Nicolas Flamel
After Harry, Ron, and Hermione told Hagrid about Charlie's letter, Norbert bit Hagrid. Hagrid said it was okay and that Norbert had only bit what item?Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback
What 'adjective' did Professor McGonagall use when she was telling her assumption of what happened to Harry and Hermione and explained a false story that they told to Draco?The Forbidden Forest
Name the third to last line in the Potions Riddle that Snape had set up for the Forbidden Corridor.Through the Trapdoor
What color was the ear wax flavored bean that Dumbledore ate in the hospital wing?The Man with Two Faces
Where was Ron when Harry and Hermione were at detention, and why was he there?Bonus Question

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