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What did Vernon Dursley buy from the bakery?The Boy Who Lived
Which one of Petunia's friends is on vacation in Majorca?The Vanishing Glass
What room number do the Dursleys' have at Railview Hotel?The Letters From No One
When describing Lily, what does Aunt Petunia saw Lily had 'pockets full' of?The Keeper of the Keys
How much do minuscule, glittery-black beetle eyes cost in the Apothecary?Diagon Alley
Name one of the Chocolate Frog cards Ron still needs to obtain.The Journey from Platform Nine and Three Quarters
Who is the second person to be sorted into Ravenclaw (of the first-years)?The Sorting Hat
How many staircases are there at Hogwarts?The Potions Master
At what time did the Gryffindors head to their first flying lesson?The Midnight Duel
How tall is the mountain troll?Halloween
What year was there a World Cup match in which all 700 Quidditch fouls occurred?Quidditch
What is the mirror's inscription?The Mirror of Erised
How old is Nicolas Flamel's wife, Perenelle Flamel?Nicolas Flamel
What was dragon breeding outlawed by?Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback
What color hair does Firenze have?The Forbidden Forest
What year did the Werewolf Code of Conduct get enforced?Through the Trapdoor
What was Harry worrying that Hagrid got him as a gift?The Man with Two Faces

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