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Can you name the Beauty and the Beast?

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What is the name of the footstool/dog?
Which device does Chip use in order to free Belle and her father from the locked basement?
Name one of the two strange heads found on the wall of the inn during the song 'Gaston'.
How did the Beast (in his beast form) die?
What is the name of the group of three girls that admire Gaston?
Name the deleted song that was featured in the actual movie in the Platinum Edition of Beauty and the Beast.
During the song 'Be Our Guest', some spoons jump into a drink and start swimming around. What color is the drink?
During the song 'Belle', which animals go to look at which book Belle is reading?
Right before the song 'Beauty and the Beast', what household object goes around Belle?
How many boys does Gaston say he will have with Belle?
What lyrics do the villagers sing when Gaston injured LeFou in the song 'Gaston'?
What was the Wardrobe originally going to be called?
Who owns the insane asylum?
How was Gaston originally supposed to die?
What is the name of Lumiere's girlfriend?
What is the name of the animal that abandons Belle's father in the forest?
Which song was originally written for Maurice, Belle's father?
Which other Disney movie are there three girls who are very similar to the Bimbettes?
In French, what does LeFou's name mean?
Originally, what was Gaston's last name supposed to be?

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