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I am the voice of Never-Never Land, the innocence the dreams of every man, I am the empty crib of Peter Pan...Imaginaerum
This is me for forever, one of the lost ones...Once
You believe but what you see, you receive but what you give...Dark Passion Play
The answer to the riddle before your eyes, is in dead leaves and fleeting skies...Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Think of me long enough to make a memory...Century Child
Last dance, first kiss, your touch, my bliss...Once
Bless me, undress me, pick your pray in wicked way...Wishmaster
A siren from the deep came to me, sang my name, my longing...Once
Heaven has a darkened face...Dark Passion Play
Together we slay another fright, every Jubjub bird, spooks of the past...Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Your beauty cascaded on me, in this white night fantasy...Century Child
Sorrow has a human heart...Oceanborn
A child holding on to the magic of birth and awe...Imaginaerum
All those beautiful people, I want to have them...Oceanborn
The morning dawned upon his alter, remains of the dark passion play...Dark Passion Play
A dreamy-eyed child staring into night...Wishmaster
This deep sigh coiled around my chest...Imaginaerum
Interstellar theatre play, the nebulae curtain falls...Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Needed elsewhere to remind us of the shortness of our time...Angels Fall First
Passiontide, an angel by my side...Once
I alone, the great white hunter...Over the Hills and Far Away
Too sour for man to drink...Angels Fall First
You told I had the eyes of a wolf...Century Child
Snow keeps falling, silent dawn...Dark Passion Play
Separating the poet from the woe...Oceanborn
Lord, let me be wrong in this pain...Once
Embroidery of the stars...Angels Fall First
Some wounds never heal...Wishmaster
The beauty sleeping, awaiting...Wishmaster
Gave birth to fantasy, to idolatry...Endless Forms Most Beautiful
I, too, wish to be a decent manboy, but all I am is smoke and mirrors...Imaginaerum
Since the world began...Once
Wild flowers, those meadows of heaven...Imaginaerum
No last words to say...Over the Hills and Far Away
Seen through the eyes...Once
Light the fire, feast...Dark Passion Play
Lonely soul, ocean soul...Century Child
A lonely soul, an ocean soul...Wishmaster
A tale from the past...Endless Forms Most Beautiful
The spark that started life...Imaginaerum

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