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Which river flows through Whitby?
Which famous whitby poet has a school named after him?
Which Gemstone is associated with the town?
What is the name of Captain Cook's ship built in Whitby?
When was the town's swing bridge built?
How many light houses are their in Whitby?
Who has a statue on the West Cliff?
What is the name of Whitby Town FC's ground?
How many steps are there from the town to the abbey?
The inspiration for which Bram Stoker novel came from Whitby?
The whalebones in Whitby's famous arch came from where?
Which A road would take you from Whitby to Staithes?
The Whitby Museum is in which park?
Who is said to have driven teh snakes out of Whitby?
The road from Whitby to Pickering has what nickname?
Which cerremony is performed in Whitby on the eve of Ascencion Day?

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