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Can you name the Touhou Bombs?

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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Reimu A (Spirit Spell Card) 
Reimu B (Dream Spell Card) 
Marisa A (Magic Spell Card) 
Marisa B (Love Spell Card) 
Perfect Cherry Blossom
Reimu A (Spirit Sign) 
Reimu A Focused 
Reimu B (Dream Sign) 
Reimu B Focused 
Marisa A (Magic Sign) 
Marisa A Focused 
Marisa B (Love Sign) 
Marisa B Focused 
Sakuya A (Illusion Sign) 
Sakuya A Focused 
Sakuya B (Time Sign) 
Sakuya B Focused 
Imperishable Night
Reimu (Border Human) 
Reimu Last Spell 
Yukari (Border Youkai) 
Yukari Last Spell 
Marisa (Magic Human) 
Marisa Last Spell 
Alice (Magic Youkai) 
Alice Last Spell 
Sakuya (Scarlet Human) 
Sakuya Last Spell 
Remilia (Scarlet Youkai) 
Remilia Last Spell 
Youmu (Netherworld Human?) 
Youmu Last Spell 
Yuyuko (Netherworld Youkai) 
Yuyuko Last Spell 
Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Reimu Charge Level 2 
Reimu Charge Level 3 
Reimu Boss Attack 
Marisa Charge Level 2 
Marisa Charge Level 3 
Marisa Boss Attack 
Sakuya Charge Level 2/3 
Sakuya Boss Attack 
Youmu Charge Level 2/3 
Youmu Boss Attack 
Reisen Charge Level 2/3 
Reisen Boss Attack 
Cirno Charge Level 2/3 
Cirno Boss Attack 
Lyrica Charge Level 2/3 
Lyrica Boss Attack 
Merlin Charge Level 2/3 
Merlin Boss Attack 
Lunasa Charge Level 2/3 
Lunasa Boss Attack 
Mystia Charge Level 2 
Mystia Charge Level 3 
Mystia Boss Attack 
Tewi Charge Level 2/3 
Tewi Boss Attack 
Aya Charge Level 2/3 
Aya Boss Attack 
Medicine Charge Level 2 
Medicine Boss Attack 
Yuka Charge Level 2/3 
Yuka Boss Attack 
Komachi Charge Level 2/3 
Komachi Boss Attack 
Sikieiki Charge Level 2/3 
Sikieiki Boss Attack 
Subterranean Animism
Reimu A (Yukari) 
Reimu B (Suika) 
Reimu C (Aya) 
Marisa A (Alice) 
Marisa B (Patchouli) 
Marisa C (Nitori) 
Undefined Fantastic Object
Reimu A (Needle) 
Reimu B (Homing) 
Marisa A (Laser) 
Marisa B (Wave) 
Sanae A (Serpent) 
Sanae B (Spread) 

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