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Can you guess which US state was admitted at the same time as the listed current events?

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Current Events StateDate
Queen Victoria signs the British North America Act, creating the Dominion of Canada, Fenian Rising in Ireland, Yellow fever kills 3,093 in New Orleans1867
The first fish and chips shop opens in London, Battle of Spotsylvania Court House1864
Argentina declares independence from Spain, René Laennec invents the stethoscope, University of Warsaw established1816
Chile forms its First National Junta, Beethoven composes piano piece Für Elise, the First Oktoberfest in Germany1818
The Treaty of Jassy ends Russia's war with the Ottoman Empire over Crimea, Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor, the last emperor, takes office1792
Mozart's opera Così fan tutte premiered in Vienna, Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor starts to rule1790
Napoleon's troops take Milan, Edward Jenner administers the first smallpox vaccination, in England1796
Johns Hopkins University is founded, Queen Victoria takes the title Empress of India, Serbia declares war on the Ottoman Empire1876
Simón Bolívar proclaims the Republic of Gran Colombia, Thomas Jefferson founds the University of Virginia, Queen Victoria is born1819
Current Events StateDate
The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is finished, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies at age 351791
Guayaquil declares independence from Spain, King William I of Württemberg marries his cousin, Pauline Therese, in Stuttgart1820
Malaysia voted in favor of the expulsion of Singapore, Sonny & Cher release I Got You Babe 1965
Peru declares independence from Spain, Amherst College is founded in Massachusetts, Alexander Island, in Antarctica, is discovered by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen1821
Napoleon authorizes the usage of Mesures usuelles, the basis of the metric system; Prussia and France sign the Treaty of Paris 1812
The city of Chicago is incorporated, The Dutch sack the fortress of Bonjol, ending the Padri War1837
Selim III succeeds Abdul Hamid I as Ottoman Sultan, Tennis Court Oath is made in Versailles1789
Charles Darwin climbs Green Hill on Ascension Island, The Battle of the Alamo ends1836
Aargau becomes a Swiss canton, The US Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase1803

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