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Can you name the former constitutional monarchies using the hints provided?

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From 1815, ____ was united with Portugal and Algarves until 1889, when Pedro II was deposed by a military coup.
The Anglo-____ Kingdom (1794–1796) existed when the island broke with Revolutionary France and sought military protection from Great Britain.
The Kingdom of ___ existed until 1946 when Tsar Simeon was deposed by the communist assembly.
The Grand Principality of __ was a constitutional monarchy but its ruler, Alexander I, was simultaneously an autocrat and absolute ruler in Russia.
Several times during the 19th century, Napoléon Bonaparte proclaimed himself Emperor of ____.
From 1871 to 1918, as well as many times earlier, ___ was a constitutional monarchy.
___ until 1973 when Constantine II was deposed by the military government.
This US state was an absolute monarchy from its founding in 1810, transitioned to a constitutional monarchy in 1840 with King Kamehameha III, but was overthrown in 1893.
In 1848–1849 and 1867–1918 it was part of Austria-Hungary, and in the interwar period (1920–1944) it remained a constitutional monarchy without a reigning monarch.
The Act of Union, a December 1, 1918 agreement with Denmark, established __ as a sovereign kingdom united with Denmark under a common king. Became a republic in 1944.
__ under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was a constitutional monarchy, which had been originally established during the Persian Constitutional Revolution in 1906.
__ until June 2, 1946, when a referendum proclaimed the end of the Kingdom and the beginning of the Republic.
___ Empire proclaimed in October 1897 until it was annexed by Japan on August 20, 1910. It succeeded the Joseon Dynasty.
The Kingdom of __ was a constitutional monarchy until 1975, when Sisavang Vatthana was forced to abdicate by the communist Pathet Lao.
__ was twice an Empire: 1822-1823, with Agustín de Iturbide; 1864 to 1867: Maximilian of Habsburg as Emperor.
___ until 1918 when it merged with Serbia and other areas to form Yugoslavia.
From 1399–1950, the Kingdom of ___ was a kingdom of southern India.
___ until May 28, 2008, when King Gyanendra was deposed, and the Federal Democratic Republic of ___ was declared.
___ Empire from 1876 till 1878 and again from 1908 until the dissolution of the empire in 1922.
The ___-___ Commonwealth, formed after the Union of Lublin in 1569 and lasting until the final partition of the state in 1795.
___ from 1139 until 1910, when Manuel II was overthrown by a military coup.
Kingdom of ___ until 1947 when Michael I was forced to abdicate at gunpoint by the communists.
Kingdom of __ until 1918, when it merged with the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs into the unitary Yugoslav Kingdom.
The West African __ Empire was a constitutional monarchy before annexation by Morocco and later France, when it became a colony and then a secular Sulfist state.
___ until 1945 when Peter II was deposed by the communist government.

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