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Can you name the jurisdictions that recognize Christianity in their government documents in some way?

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Name one of 8 countries who give constitutional privileges to Roman Catholicism without establishing it as the state religion.
Their constitution states that the government supports the Catholic Church, but it does not establish a state religion.
In their constitution, the ___n Orthodox Church (Slavic Orthodox) is recognized as 'the traditional religion' of their people, but the state itself remains secular.
Their constitution confirms that 'The Roman Catholic and Apostolic Religion is the religion of the State,' but allows other observance that is 'moral' and has 'good' customs.
Their constitution confirms the Church of ___ (Evangelical Lutheran Church) as the state church.
This country of the UK has a state religion named after it, and their monarch is always the Supreme Governor of that church.
The Church of the ___ Islands (Lutheran) is the state church of the ___ Islands, a territory of Denmark. Pre 2007, the church belonged to the diocese of the Church of Denmark.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of ___ has a special relationship with the state, in its Church Act, such as the church must provide a burial place for all. Not a state religion.
The Alsace-Moselle region of ___ does not observe separation of church and state; its Concordat recognizes Judaism, Catholicism, Lutheranism and the Reformed faith.
The ___n Orthodox Church (Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox) is not their state church but it is mentioned in their constitution. The church is independent from the state.
The Church of ____ (Eastern Orthodoxy) is their state religion.
Their constitution confirms the Church of __ (Lutheran) is their state church, with 73.8% of the population members in 2015.
Their constitution describes the Catholic Church as the state religion, enjoying 'the full protection of the State'. Other observances must uphold 'morality' and 'public order.'
Their constitution declares that 'the religion of __ is the Roman Catholic Apostolic Religion.'
Their constitution describes 'the catholic, apostolic and Roman religion' as the religion of the state.
Their Constitution stipulates that 'The Church of __, an Evangelical-Lutheran church, will remain the Established Church of __ and will as such be supported by the state.'
Their Constitution recognizes Catholicism as 'the religion of the majority' of citizens but does not designate it as the official state religion.
The Church of ___ is the national but not state church. Its constitution gives it complete independence from the state (UK) in spiritual matters.
The Church of ___ is no longer (2000) the state church, but it still has a special status, i.e. monarchs must be Lutherans.
In 1928, Queen Salote Tupou III established the Free Wesleyan Church as the state religion of __. The Church of ___ was then created.
The Church of ____ (Reformed) is the state religion, although this merely entitles it to 'the privilege of performing special services on major national events'.
The __ does not have an official religion, but its monarch is always the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.
This country is an Elective, Theocratic, sacerdotal Absolute Monarchy ruled by the Pope, who is also the Vicar of the Catholic Church.

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