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Austria is bordered by ___ countries.
The country’s red and white ___ is one of the world’s oldest national ___s.
The Porsche company founder, Ferdinand Porsche was an Austrian, and so was Sigmund ___.
The Vienna Tiergarten (__) was founded in 1752 and is the world’s oldest.
In 1818, Austrian Josef Madersperger___ the Austrian, invented the ___ machine.
The world’s largest __, at 2860 carats, is in Austria.
The very first __cards in the world were used in Austria.
The Central Cemetery in Vienna has more than 2.5 million __, which is more than its 2013 population.
The St. Peter Haslauer, (formerly Stiftskeller) is the oldest ___ in the world.
At 380 meters, the Krimml ___ are among Europe’s highest.

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