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Can you name the Best Picture Nominations 1970-1979?

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1970*George C. Scott
1970Burt Lancaster
1970Jack Nicholson
1970Ryan O'Neal
1970Donald Sutherland
1971*Gene Hackman
1971Malcolm McDowell
1971Jeff Bridges
1971Michael Jayston
1972*Marlon Brando
1972Paul Winfeld
1972Max Von Sydow
1972Burt Reynolds
1972Liza Minnelli
1973*Paul Newman
1973Ron Howard
1973George Segal
1973Linda Blair
1973Harriet Andersson
1974*Al Pacino
1974Jack Nicholson
1974Dustin Hoffman
1974Paul Newman
1974Gene Hackman
1975*Jack Nicholson
1975Ryan O'Neal
1975Roy Scheider
1975Karen Black
1975Al Pacino
1976*Sylvester Stallone
1976David Carradine
1976Robert DeNiro
1976Peter Finch
1976Robert Redford
1977*Woody Allen
1977Richard Dreyfuss
1977Shirley MacLaine
1977Mark Hamill
1977Jason Robards
1978*Robert DeNiro
1978Jon Voight
1978Warren Beatty
1978Brad Davis
1978Jill Clayburgh
1979*Dustin Hoffman
1979Martin Sheen
1979Roy Scheider
1979Dennis Christopher
1979Sally Field

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