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Fun factNameHint
Hates marriagesAdmiral C
Is given a new silver knife by main characterB P
Acquaintance of T BC A
Nearly included in theatrical schemesC M
Youngest brother of main characterC P
Food-loving clergymanDr G
Studies to become a clergymanE B
Main characterF P
Friend of M C who ‘jilted’ a nice man for a horrid oneF S
The ‘horrible flirt’H C
Friend of M C who married for moneyJ F
Brother of main characterJ P
Twice disappointed in theatrical businessesJ Y
Once made a foot-stool ‘too ill done for the drawing room’J B
The indolent auntLady B
‘Horrid’ husband of F SLord S
Unmarried daughter of Mr F by a first wifeM F
Married due to ‘hatred of home ... , disappointed affections, and contempt of the man she was to marry’M B
Friend and rival of main characterM C
Original owner of the (first) silver knifeM P
An example of ‘an altered young lady’Miss A (surname)
Fun factNameHint
Was paid attention by T B before she ‘came out’Miss A (first name)
Governess at Mansfield ParkMiss L
Elder sister of Miss A who was neglected by T BMiss S (surname)
Ill-tempered husband of J FMr F
First clergyman to be mentioned in the bookMr N
Disappointing, gross father of main characterMr P
Cannot remember 42 linesMr R
Was too late to help main character dress for ballMrs C
Half-sister of H C and M CMrs G
Loves directing and spending other people's moneyMrs N
Mother of nine who cannot manage her servantsMrs P
Mother of the forgetful Mr RMrs R
Brother of main characterR P
Brother of main characterS P
Opened his house for the main characterSir T B
Acquaintance of T BS (surname)
The hot-tempered sister with good principlesS P
Irresponsible, careless, gambling cousinT B
Considered for inclusion in theatrical schemeT O
Second youngest brother of main characterT P
Main character's brother at seaW P

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