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Clue4-Letter Word
The Queen Dowager of Marlon
The Vessel of Wrath
A framework of evenly spaced lines
Hot and dry
A corrosive liquid
Having excelled
Cards either worth the least or greatest amount of points
To perform
A hormone produced in humans
Penultimate ruler of the Kingdom of Lucifenia
Collective term for creative endeavors
Pollo's mischievous sister
To be interested in the arts
Military force
To pinpoint a target
To afflict a person
Yukina's younger sister
Disgusting or abhorrent
A game piece used in Mahjong
A story, typically fictional
Large in stature
Rearmost part of most animals
What trains travel on
A downpour
One of Eve's stillborn twins
To have told a falsehood
Clue4-Letter Word
To produce eggs
The ground
To give something for a period of time
Protect oneself
Man with the appearance of a tiger
A sharp canine tooth
A loud plosive sound
A cause of distress
A walking stick
To tend to someone
A female horse
A very small amount, typically in comparison
Being present
A large group of animals
The tree that protects the forest
Where Gallerian fell into
The man who shot an apple of his son's head
Fee for crossing a bridge
The director of Evils Theater
To give out equally
Amount of medicine prescribed by doctor
Sweet-smelling flower
To move up
Grain grown in east Asia
To own a lot of money
Michaela's older brother
Small insects that live on the scalp
Rodents known for enjoying cheese
Clue4-Letter Word
Excavation in the ground to obtain minerals
Levia's area of expertise
To repair
To tear into multiple pieces
To describe a book one has completed
The back
The awakened vessel of greed
What Meta was once mistaken for
An kidney-shaped edible seed
The past participle of 'be'
To have met someone in the past
Perceiving with the eyes
Placing something
Taking a rest from being on your feet
Germaine's birth name
Sixth letter of the Greek alphabet
The mother of the Twins of God
To dispense justice
A basket woven from flax
A term for the stomach
Marlon's young king
A variant of cabbage
The leader of Apocalypse
A sheet of glass
A narrow road
The moon goddess
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