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DescriptionHot QB
Drafted in 2009 from USC. This Mexican-American was actually born and raised in Southern California
Green Bay since 2005 where he was a back up for Brett Favre until 2007.
Has played for the Arizona Cardinals and Houstan Texans
Although now retired, he is considered one of the best undrafted players of all time. Played for Northern Iowa
First played for the Buffalo Bills in 2007. After being waived in September 2010, he became a back up QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars
College sophomore in 2010, plays for the Oregon ducks
This senior at University of Washington has been drafted twice for minor league baseball.
This one isn't a QB, he's just hot. Also from USC, but in 2006. Gave up his 2005 Heisman Trophy.
Michigan State junior in 2010. Was a back up for Brian Hoyer in 2008.
He and his father David both played for FSU. Born in Texas
DescriptionHot QB
Graduated from University of Florida in 2009. Born in the Philippines. and was the main reason for a new 2010 NCAA rule
Played for the Fighting Irish and most recently for the Cleveland Browns. His cousin is Zachery Ty Bryan, and his older sister is married to a Green Bay Packers Linebacker
He's 41, has a grandchild, and has a 21-year NFL career so far. Sexting scandle
Dallas Cowboys. Dated Jessica Simpson
Played at Hawaii, then drafted to the Redskins in 2008. Had a hip injury in 2009
Currently plays for the UFL. He was born in a prison in Florida, and supports AAAA. Attended University of Central Florida, and last played for the Detroit Lions
Played for Fresno state, and currenly plays for the San Francisco 49ers
USC player who roomed with Troy Palomalu. Signed a six year, 70 million dollar contract in 2009 to the Kansas City Chiefs
Born in New Mexico, played for Texas and now the Cleveland Browns. He saved someone life by swimming across a lake

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