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How well to you know Tolkien's epic series?

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Who Hold the Rings at the beginning of the trilogy
What is the name of the forest where Tom Bombadil lives
What is the name of the elf who comes to the aid of the Hobbits and Aragorn in the book when they have fought at Weathertop
How many months does Frodo stay in Rivendell
What is the name of the chapter after 'The Council of Elrond'
Who's tomb do the fellowship find in Moria
What does Galadriel give Sam
Which is the ent mentioned in the book the Two Towers that isn't Treebeard
Who is the steward of Gondor at the time of the War of the Ring
Name the master of Grima
How many rings were given to the elves
How many rings were given to the dwarves
How many rings were given to the men
Who is Theoden's nephew?
In The Hobbit, what is the name of the Skin Changer who lives East of Mirkwood that the dwarves incounter?
Which of these is a real LOTR character: Ungoliant, Mithrandol or Molkor
Who is the King of Gondor and Arnor at the end of the trilogy

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