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Hunting Yetis is not for the faint of heart, play The Dangerous Game from the safety of your monitor and find out what YOU should do when faced with the various species of Ancient Apes!

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ConfrontationGreet, Run, Accept OfferExplanation
A large yeti wearing a sombrero offers you a warm meal
A shady, small Yeti dashes towards you with a hatchet!
An elderly Yeti offers you candy from their cave.
Climbing Mount Everest, you discover a 20 foot tall Yeti, hes waving at you.
Northern Siberia, another human is being attacked by a Siberian Shank Yeti!
Australia, a Yeti with no shirt on wants to wrestle you.
You are in class one day, when a Yeti kidnaps Dr. Bodie!

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