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BeginningEndingRapper (Group)
Broken glass everywhere/Melle Mel (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five)
I'm D.M.C. in the place to be/DMC (Run DMC)
I'm sorry if you can't understand/LL Cool J
I came in the door/I said it before/Rakim
Criminal minded/you've been blinded/KRS-One (Boogie Down Productions)
Dave the dope fiend shootin' dope/Slick Rick
I wanna rock right now/I'm Rob Base and I came to get down/I'm not internationally known/Rob Base (Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock)
I remember how it all began/Too Short
So when I'm in your neighborhood, you better duck/Ice Cube (N.W.A.)
I got a letter from the government the other day/Chuck D (Public Enemy)
BeginningEndingRapper (Group)
I'm a freak, I like the girls with the boom/Shock G as Humpty Hump (Digital Underground)
Back in the days when I was a teenager/Q-tip (A Tribe Called Quest)
Four walls just starin' at a ****/Scarface (Geto Boys)
Back in the days they used to run up sayin' Pimp C what you know/Pimp C (UGK)
And the survey said/RZA (Wu-Tang Clan)
I keep fallin', but never fallin' six feet deep/Nas
Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis/the Notorious B.I.G.
For any MC in any 52 states/Ol' Dirty Bastard
Fool whatcha want, we stiflin' fools/Fool whatcha want...Lil' Fame (M.O.P.)
(Holla!) Ain't no stoppin' me/Missy Elliott

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