Science Quiz / Magical Half-Dozen (Shulgin's favourite phenethylamines)

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Can you name the Magical Half-Dozen (Shulgin's favourite phenethylamines)?

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Qualitative CommentPhenethylaminePiHKAL #
'I became aware that I was looking at the skin of a beautiful snake- all the ground around me was this same huge creature'
'I saw the clouds towards the west. THE CLOUDS!!! No visual experience has even been like this. The meaning of color has just changed completely'
'My body was flooded with orgasms- practically from just breathing. The lovemaking was phenomenal, passionate, ecstatic, lyric, animal, loving, tender, sublime'
'I have a picture in my living room that is a stylized German scene with a man on horseback riding through the woods. The wind was blowing, and his horse was at full gallop'
'Very vivid fantasy images, eyes closed, but no blurring of the lines between 'reality' and fantasy. Acute diarrhea'
'I can go easily into LSD flowing visuals, or into the warm earth world of Peyote, or I can stop them altogether. With closed eyes, there are Escher-like graphics'

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