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Can you name the Zelda Breath of the wild charaters and races?

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The Hero of Hyrue
The Last King Of Hyrule in Disguise
The Last Princess of Hyrule
Pointy Eared Human-Like Race
Ancient People Who Made The Shrines
Ruler Of Kakiriko Village
Scientist Of Hateno Village
Fish-Like Race (Live In Lanayru)
Fish Race Ruler
Champion Of Vah Ruta
Scourge Of Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Helps Reach Vah Ruta
Strong Male Only Race (Live In Eldin)
Strong Race 'Boss'
Champion Of Van Rudania
Scourge of Divine Beast Vah Rudania
Helps Reach Van Rudania
Bird-Like Race (Live In Tabantha)
Elder Of Bird Race
Champion Of Van Medoh
Scourge Of Divine Beast Vah Medoh
Help Reach Vah Medoh
Female Only Race (Live in Wasteland)
Female Race Cheif/Help Reach Vah Naboris
Champion of Vah Naboris
Scourge of Divine Beast Vah Naboris
Sheikah That Worship The Calamity
Leaf-Like Race (Live In Woodland)
Gives Link The Master Sword
Scourge Of Hyrule Castle

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