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Can you name the missing words to the prologue from Disney's Beauty and the Beast (the 1991 movie)?

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Forced Order
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Beginning of the LineEnd of the LineNumber of Words
Once upon a time,4
a young prince lived4
Although he had4
The prince was4
But then, one winter's night,8
and offered him3
in return for5
Repulsed by her2
the prince4
but she warned him6
for beauty is2
And when he3
the old woman's ugliness2
to reveal3
The prince3
for she had seen that7
Beginning of the LineEnd of the LineNumber of Words
And as punishment, she6
and placed a5
Ashamed of3
the beast5
with a2
as his6
The rose she had offered5
which would bloom4
If he could learn to2
and earn4
by the time the3
then the spell3
If not, he would be8
As the years passed,4
For who could ever learn4

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