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Can you name the Motherboards, network, audio, video card?

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Effect of overclocking
Another name for video card
video cards can have their own....
Cable that connects CRT to video card
white video cable that replaced the 'blue one'
What does HDMI stand for?
HDMI cable connects video and........??
How many pins in an S-Video cable?
What color is a composite video cable?
The minimum amout of Ram banks a motherboard must have
The three colors of component video
Computer's only sound before sound cards
What is a soundcard's processor called?
What does MIDI stand for?
A common manufacturer of sound cards
A common manufacturer of video cards
The red port on an audio card
What is the color of the 'line in' port?
What color is 'line out'?
What does VGA stand for?
How many speakers in 5.1 surround?
How many sub-woofers in a 7.1 surround?
Only high-end sound cards have this
Holds several audio cards together
How many characters in a MAC address?

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