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Can you answer these questions, based on Sporcle categories, which contain to the letters 'KEY'?

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This 1990-2000s NFL WR gained 10,000+ yds receiving during his 12-year career with NYJ, TB, DAL, and CARSports
This Florida city, established in 1521, is the southernmost point in the contiguous USGeography
There are this many keys total, black and white, on a standard pianoMusic
Vinz Clortho, the keymaster, and Zuul, the gatekeeper, are characters in this 1984 comedyMovies
This 2012-15 Comedy Central sketch comedy show starred comedic duo Keegan-Michael ___ and Jordan ___Television
This object can be used to universally unlock all doors in a given locationJust For Fun
Since 1989, this beer brand has been brewed in Golden, CO, as a subset of the Coors Brewing Co.Miscellanious
This British economist argued for government intervention in order to prevent prolonged 'boom and bust' cyclesHistory
This Eliot poem says: 'We think of the key, each in his own prison/ Thinking of the key, each confirms a prison.'Literature
Also known as a catchword, this term describes one method of sorting web documents or texts within a libraryLanguage
A periorbital hematoma is more commonly known as thisScience
In this Square Enix video game series you'll find Sora and Mickey Mouse, two masters of the keybladeGaming
The Powerpuff Girls' main adversary, Mojo jojo, is a genetically enhanced super-genius type of this animalEntertainment
To this disciple did Jesus 'give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven' (KJV Matt 16:19)Religion
It's traditional, during US Thanksgiving celebrations, to serve this bird as the main courseHoliday

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