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QUIZ: Can you name 4-letter words to reveal the titles of these Philip K. Dick novels?

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Clue4-Letter WordRung
• The Man in the ___ Castle (1963) •
or Aerially ascendant
Exasperated exhale2
Jedi combatants3
The essence of something4
An outlined course5
Field involving numbers and equations6
Australian greeting: 'G'day ___'7
• A ___ of Death (1970) •
or The Minotaur's habitat in Greek myth
Maintain a steady stare9
To manipulate is to, '___ the system'10
Tasteful or inoffensive 11
• Martian ___ [rung 21] (1964) •
or Chronos' domain, according to ancient Greeks
Clue4-Letter WordRung
University of Alabama slogan: 'Roll ___!'13
An unintended consequence is a '___ effect'14
Trigonometric function 15
Lord's Prayer: 'Forgive us our ___'16
Without or absent of17
Coarse grainy material found at the beach18
• [rung 24] My Tears, the Policeman ___ (1974) •
or Uttered out loud
Moved across a flat surface20
• Martian [rung 12] ___ (1964) •
or To stumble and lose one's footing
A pig's meal22
Decelerated or sluggish23
• ___ My Tears, the Policeman [rung 19] (1974) •
or Unencumbered movement

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