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QUIZ: Can you name the 3-letter words in this restaurant themed ladder?

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Clue3-Letter Word
✶ Seattle based burger joint: ___ [rung 6][rung 12] ✶
OR one of three primary colors
A surface for sleeping
A response to the auctioneer
To dispose of something
Bible verse: 'Spare the ___ spoil the child'
✶ Seattle based burger joint: [rung 1] ___[rung 12] ✶
OR actor Lowe or director Zombie, e.g.
Clue3-Letter Word
A crowd wielding torches and pitchforks
Cow's vocalization
Langston Hughes line: 'I ___ sing America'
A hefty amount to carry
An atom with an unbalanced number of protons and electrons
✶ Seattle based burger joint: [rung 1] [rung 6]___ ✶
OR a small lodging for travelers

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