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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder featuring the title and characters from Larry McMurtry's 1986 Pulitzer Prize winning Western novel?

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ Solitary or isolated ★1
An ice cream holder2
Old man's walking stick3
'Without a ___ in the world'4
First name of Red Sox great 'Yaz'5
• Former Texas Ranger and leader of the Hat Creek Outfit, Capt. Woodrow ___ •
Or contact someone over the phone
China's is 'great'7
A wooden ship's side plank8
Celebration of one's life following death9
• Texas Ranger turned bandit outlaw, ___ Spoon •
Or boxer who was subject of 'Raging Bull', LaMotta
Paired with 'box', a bar's music box11
Thomas Hardy's 'Obscure' character12
George Jetson's daughter13
• Arkansas Sheriff hunting down [10], ___ Johnson •
Or the seventh month
Obedient or orderly15
A dark-red gemstone16
Someone who is easily duped17
Clothing to wear to the shower18
This place wasn't built in a day19
★ 1959 Monroe movie: '___ Like It Hot' ★20
The bottom of a shoe21
Driver with the best qualifying time is in '___ position'22
To stand for a photograph23
• African-American Ranger turned scout, ___ Deets •
Or 'No Country For Old Men' actor Brolin
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' creator Whedon26
Porter who headed the CIA27
Relative of 'gee' or 'golly'28
A large slice or wound29
'When you ___ upon a star...'31
• Experienced cowhand and Hat Creek Outfit herd point-man, ___ Boggett •
Or singular component of a multi-course meal
Clue4-Letter Word
Besmirch the reputation of33
Fail to hit the target34
'Untouchable' Eliot36
'All the ___ That's Fit to Print'37
• Young, naive first-time cow herder and unknowing son of [6] •
Or Monty Python joke: 'She turned me into a ___!'
Well-organized and clean39
A place for sitting40
To scorch meat41
Float through the air42
Popular candy: '___ Patch Kids'43
A dirty or racist word44
Something indistinct or hazy45
• Murderous Cherokee bandit and nemesis of the Hat Creek Outfit, ___ [58] •
Or color associated with depression
Paste that holds things together47
Feeling sad48
David Bowie's rock genre49
Throw something down with force, like a professional wrestler might do to his opponent50
A stitch51
1994 'Kiss From a Rose' artist52
To exchange an object or a service for money53
Shelf beneath a window54
Textile created by insects and arachnids55
Common nickname for Richard57
• Murderous Cherokee bandit and nemesis of the Hat Creek Outfit, [46] ___ •
Or animal that quacks
Indianapolis QB Andrew59
To be without60
A shoe fastener61
Clean with soap and water62
1967: 'The Summer of ___'63
★ A white bird of peace ★64

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