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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder featuring a popular slogan from the 1980s sponsored by America's Dairy Farmers?

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Hint4-Letter WordRung
• ___. It [Rung 9] a [Rung 14] [Rung 22] •
Or a mammal's mammary product
To pace a waiting room is to '___ about'2
'Go Rest High on That Mountain' singer Vince3
Cover in gold trimming4
To castrate a colt5
Cooperates or works naturally with others6
Gibb Bros. 1970s Disco band 'The Bee ___'7
Vonnegut maxim: 'So it ___...'8
• [Rung 1]. It ___ a [Rung 14] [Rung 22] •
Or 2013 YouTube viral video: 'What ___ the Fox Say?'
'Hacksaw Ridge', Medal of Honor medic Desmond10
Head of a workplace 11
Hint4-Letter WordRung
Mass. based audio technology company12
'This doesn't ___ well for us'13
• [Rung 1]. It [Rung 9] a ___ [Rung 22] •
Or ingested with the 'blood' of Christ during Catholic Eucharist
'Juno' Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo15
To write in 'computer language'16
The center of an object, like an apple, for instance17
Ireland's 'Rebel City'18
Someone who might work in a mess hall19
Furthest left and right back-row chess piece20
Old English word for a crucifix 21
• [Rung 1]. It [Rung 9] a [Rung 14] ___ •
Or evil's counterpart

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