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Can you name the 4-letter words to reveal the title of this 2007 Kanye West song?

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Clue4-Letter Word
2007 Kanye West single: '___ [last rung]'
Rudolph's snowman narrator sings of silver and this
Lady Macbeth: 'I'll ___ the faces of the grooms withal'
Feral or untamed
To ancient Greeks, Zephyr embodied the westerly this
Alcoholic drink made of fermented grapes
The end of a fork
♪ Like we always do at this ___ ♪
Silent performer
♪ I go for ___, I got to shine ♪
Term for consciousness in Western philosophy
Term for the back of an animal
♪ Now throw your ___s up in the sky ♪
A shipwrecked sailor's salvation
'The Postman Always Rings Twice' actress Turner
Head of the Buddhist faith: The Dalai ___
Clue4-Letter Word
♪ I'm gonna get on this TV, ___ ♪
Polynesian faith surrounding the supernatural
Da Vinci painting hanging in the Louvre: ___ Lisa
One who belongs in a monastery
Slang term for a buffoon
Earth's natural satellite
Having trimmed the front lawn
♪ I'm gonna put s*** ___ ♪
'It's always darkest before the ___'
To mend socks
Inform others of an oncoming hazard
A cheap good for sale
A tight deadline is 'coming in under the ___'
Female spouse
• 2007 Kanye West single: '[first rung] ___' •

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