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Can you name the Names of mario power-ups?

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the newest is oldpower up
on the back of mario galaxy it said 'good ol ____ mario!'
it came back on nsmbw
when mario gets this he gets bigger, WITHOUT the help of his stomach!
He makes that delightful little sound you all love when he gets this power-up
the simplest of all power-ups
he has a nice pointy ears but it does'nt cover his whole body
in smb3 he could use this to turn into a statue
straight up we go, but slowly down again........
use it to fly, swim really well & slide on ice.
the newest is oldpower up
sparkly kooooopaaa!!!!
the replacement for the 1st one on the list on sml & frankly, was a bit rubbish
new one- a level help
no 17 but for level help
yoshi now - he seems to be breathing heavily
yoshi has gone a bit red.....
lighting up the night.
flying forever.......
indestructable rainbow

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