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 What is on Pakistan's flag?
 Name of song Bilal is in, song is by Lil Wayne
 What baseball team does Bilal like?
 Name one of Bilal's favorite rappers
 What are the colors of Pakistan's flag?
 When is Bilal's birthday?
 What school at Binghamton University does Bilal go to?
 Does Bilal wear glasses?
 What color is Bilal?
 What fraternity is he in?
 How many scarfs does Bilal have?
 Where is Bilal from?
 What is the line that Lil Wayne raps about Bilal?
 What object does Bilal's suitemates have to help him with everytime before he goes out? (hint: it has to do with his eyes)
 At least how many wives does he want?
 What animal got stolen from his family?
 What female music artist does his name sound like?

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