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Planting a mixture of crops in the same areaInvolves planting a variety of perennial grasses
Mostly produces grainsProvides 77% of the world's food
Produce meat, mostly from grazing livestockProvides 16% of the world's food
Provides fish and other sea animalsProvides 7% of the world's food
Human activities continue to degrade thisSupports all life
3 grain crops that provide more then half the calories a person consumesAlso known as annuals
Plants who's seeds need to be replanted every yearWheat, Corn, and Rice are examples
Uses large amounts of fossil fuel energy, water, commercial fertiliers, and pesticides to produce single crops or livestock animals for saleAlso called high-input agriculture
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A form of industrialized agriculture used primarily in tropical developing countiresInvolves cash crops
A crop sold primarily for profitBananas, Coffee, and Sugarcane are examples
Where animals are fattened before slaughterUsually densely populated. Cows and chickens are usually in these
Typically uses mostly human labor and draft animals to produce only enough crops or livestock for a farm family's survivalExamples include numerous forms of shifting cultivation in tropical rainforests
Farmers increase their inputs of human and draft labor, fertilizer, and water to get a higher yield per area of cultivated landProducees enough food to feed their families and to sell for income
Increase in global food prouction has come from increased yields per unit of area of croplandStarted in 1950
Growing different kinds of plants on a plot of landStartings with an M

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