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Can you name the The Hunger Games characters/actors given the cast members' other roles?

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Other rolesActorIn The Hunger Games
Tiffany, Joy, Rosalyn Rosenfeld
Philip, Alex Stewart, William
Mary McGuire, Lilly Kate Burns, Rocket
Alice Howland, Cathy Whitaker, Sarah Palin
Calvin Willis, Richard Tyler, Kofi
Sean Anderson, Jess Aarons, Laser
Will Blakelee, Dwayne McLaren, Adam Cassidy
Foggy Nelson, Lenny, Gunnars
Gail, Miri, Melinda Ledbetter
Trixie, Abby Donovan, Tallulah
Other rolesActorIn The Hunger Games
Ricky Fitts, Thomas, Jack Durrance
Will Stanton, Björn Lothbrok, Seth
Truman Capote, Brendan Flynn, Lancaster Dodd
Lucy Cross, Annalee Monegan, Barbara Kammerer
Clark Clifford, Hawkeye Pierce, Calvin
Larry Flynt, Tallahassee, Steve Schmidt
George Harvey, Adolf Eichmann, Walter Winchell
Tariq Mahdi, Julie Robinson, Dre
Sara Price, Margaery Tyrell, Anne Boleyn
Felix Leiter, Belize, Jean Michel Basquiat

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