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Home to one of the premier communication schools in the nation.
Every year, top entertainers from around the nation and the world are booked to perform here.
This building consists of consists of three high-rise towers.
One of the oldest buildings on campus, this building is also home to modern learning technology.
This building is home to programs that focus on the communities, cultures, and conduct that shape our world.
This 94,000 square-foot structure embodies WSU's commitment to scholastic success by promoting dialogue between faculty and students in a unique setting.
This building invites visitors to indulge their senses while enjoying varying art styles. It houses a permanent collection and features many traveling exhibits throughout the year.
Home of the College of Business, holds some of the University's most advanced learning technology.
One of the women's 'Hill Halls,' this building boasts classic formal lounges, beautiful architecture, and an ideal location near the historic center of campus.
This building is home to several programs in the WSU School of Engineering and Architecture, including the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Home to the department of Anthropology, this building is located along Terrell Mall.
In the midst of several thousand intensely loyal fans, you are swept up in the excitement of this building with every WSU score and the roar of victory.
The oldest men's hall at WSU (built in 1923), has a long history as one of the tightest-knit residence communities on campus.
This building is home to one of the best-equipped schools of architecture in the country.
Home to the Honors College, this building creates an inspiring academic atmosphere for students.
This building is home to the departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Natural Resource Sciences, Plant Pathology, and more.
The center of the Pullman campus and is the hub for activities that include eating, studying, lounging, watching movies and much more.
This building is the center of the University's education program.
A proud tradition. This building has been a women's dorm since 1895. It has been a frequent tradition for daughters to succeed mothers as residents.
This building offers students 160,000 square feet of state-of-the-art recreational and fitness equipment.

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