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NHL Playoffs 2014-2016 simple questions

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2016 Pittsburgh Penguins beat which team in final, which teams down to first round?2015:CHI-TB-NYR-WSH-NYI
2014 to 2016 Playoffs, who is most points of entire playoffs?
2015 NYR vs PIT: All Game end with 2-1,In 5 Games, which game not 2-1 game?
2014 to 2016, which is victory by all for point?NSH vs CHI - Example
Panthers vs Islanders, in 6 games, which teams has win by 2 points?
2014 to 2016,how many teams has in playoffsof this 3 years?write like one,not 1
California teams 2014-2015, which teams has not advance Stanley Cup Finals?
which two teams has met in 2014, missed playoffs 2015, and met again in 2016?Penguins vs Rangers
which two teams has met in 2014, not met in 2015, met again in 2016,
Which division only has Minnesota Wild met in playoffs 2014 to 2016 all?Metropolitan Division
US city first and second population stanley cup finals in which year?
Which team always as Third Place in division 2014 to 2016?
How many teams are not in playoffs 2014 to 2016?
2016 Stanley Cup playoffs: western conference which three teams never change goalie?Blues, Sharks, Stars
2016 Stanley Cup playoffs: eastern conference which three teams never change goalie?Flyers, Penguins, Rangers

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