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The Leader of the Phantom Troupe
The Chain Bastard
His weapon is Needle
The next heir of the Zoldyck Family Business
His Nen ability is later reveal in 13th hunter chairman election arc (He is an emitter)
She/He is a wish granter
The fortune teller
The master of Zushi
The 12th chairman of Hunter Association
Bungee Gum
Paper Manipulator
The octopus friend of Killua
The Ant King
The current de facto leader of the Phantom Troupe
Hotel Raflessia
The most powerful Royal Guard
One of the Nostrade Bodyguard (The close friend of Kurapika)
The 13th Hunter Chairman
The Rat in Zodiac
Dragon Dive
The master of Gon in Killua in Greed Island (Also the master of Wing)
The hacker or computer specialist of the Zoldyck Family
The main creator of Greed Island
Big bang Impact
The youngest butler of Zoldyck Family
God accomplice
Crazy slot
The world champion
Memory Bomb
He had a mental breakdown after seeing Pouf's Nen

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