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A) Oh no, Iain rides cartoons, but he rides this one so hard it's crazy!
B) What has four strings and is rode by Iain?
C) Iain sure rides this touch screen game by SuperCell
D) This NBA small forward is rode hard by Iain
E) Iain rides the hell out of this lousy horror movie
F) When Iain plays Killer Instinct, he rides this robot!
G) This Italian American Gangster flick is rode heavily
H) Oh god he rides this video game
I) He rides this flower so hard
J) When this athlete got busted, Iain almost stopped riding. Almost
K) Iain hates reading, yet rides this author
L) One saddle, to ride them all in this movie
M) This form of entertainment is one Iain can't help but ride, watch and see for yourself!
N) Of all DBZ characters, the riding Iain commits for this Sayain is truly incredible
O) Iain rides the **** out of tourists in this province
P) Of all the children's video games Iain rides, he rides this hardest of all
H) Just kidding haha H again! Iain rides this dumb wall
R) What?? You haven't seen this!?
S) Aim for the head or Iain will never stop riding
T) Holy **** he rides this director
U) Beware, this 'sport' organization is Iain's ultimate ride
V) Of all the dinos Iain rides, he rides this one hardest of all
W) This **** video game sucks but Iain will always ride it
X) Iain rides so many things, especially this Marvel Movie
Y) Surprisingly, Iain doesn't ride card games. Except for this one
Z) But what about our adopted rider? Iain also has a terminal disease!

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