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Can you name the Slenderman Facts?

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He can't use these.
What is the name of the strange substance he excretes upon his victims?
How does he move
Best documented report of Slenderman prior to internet era?
Location of Police Station where mr.Harvey disappeared
Facial Features
Symptom(s) of his approach
Name of camera man in the tapes of the Real Slenderman Documentary
Is the Slenderman slender?
Always check for:____
Name of the investigator during the Matheson disappearance, shortly before the Yerbury tragedy
Have you been: ______ yet?
Slenderman has a ___________ connection with his prey.
with the dawn of this era, Slenderman reportings have gone through the roof
Somewhere out there, the Slenderman is watching, waiting, and?
What school of thought specializes in Slenderman Science?
Do you find the Slenderman Spooky?
Can you escape the Slenderman?
What website does the Victim in 'The real slender man documentary' access in an attempt to discover how to beat the Slenderman

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