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NBA all time leading scorer (a)
Nickname of SG James Harden (b)
Reigning league MVP (c)
Nickname of C Dwight Howard (d)
Legendary Knicks centre (e)
Rapid transition from defense to offense (f)
Spanish brothers (g)
Shaq's running mate in Orlando (h)
A pass from out of bounds that initiates a possesion (i)
1st overall pick in 2003 draft, raised in Akron (j)
Head coach of the Golden State Warriors (k)
Traded to Cleveland by Minnesota for Andrew Wiggins (l)
First Chinese player in the NBA (m)
Only Canadian born league MVP (n)
Location to which the Seattle Supersonics moved in 2008 (o)
Nickname of Paul George (p)
Only player to average a triple double over an entire season (r)
To strip a ballhandler/intercept a pass (s)
One of two Splash Brothers (t)
Well reputed head coach known for his 4 out, 1 in schemes (v)
Mr Clutch; he is the figure on the NBA logo (w)
The swaggiest player in Laker history (y)
A defense where players guard specific areas of the floor (z)
Record for most wins in the regular season (#)

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