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Define the previously paired 142 Japanese verbs in Romaji..

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Forced Order
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To Be Able
To Do / To Give
To Burn Into One's Memory
To Stare
To Meet / To Match / To Fit
To Remember
To Shine
To Shout
To Be Born
To Get Up
To Be Defeated / To Lose A Game
To Walk
To Come
To Become
To Accomplish
Be Visible / Able To See
To Strengthen
To Look
To Laugh
To Pass Away / To Go
To Exist (Inanimate) / To Have
To Be Sufficient
To Get
To Be Surprised / To Be Amazed
To Return
To Surrender / To Assign
To Find
To Pull / To Subtract
To Marry
To Give
To Sell
To Learn / To Study
To Defeat
To Return / To Go Back
To Buy
To Stop
To Make / To Build / To Create
To Endure
To Dislike / To Hate
To Help
To Pass By One Another
To Come Here
To Get Tired
To Show
To Embrace
To Flow / Pour In
To Go Out
To Be Late / To Lag Behind
To Decide / To Choose
To Choose / To Select
To Die
To Remain
To Melt
To Touch
To Cry
To Begin
To Teach
To Take
To Lead
To Sleep
To Open
To Drink
To Answer
To Know
To Feel
To Enjoy / To Have Fun
To Concentrate
To Read
To Be Different (Wrong)
To Win
To Forget
To Increase
To Apologise
To Arrive
To Applaud
To Turn / To Bend
To Erase / To Turn Off
To Continue / To Follow
To Move
To Learn
To Kill
To Fall Asleep
To Listen
To Run
To Exist (Animate) / To Be Somewhere / To Need
To Describe
To Give (The Giver Is Not The Speaker)
To Notice / To Realize
To Like
To Fear
To Rest / To Sleep
To Protect
To Add
To Stand Up
To Change
To Be Puzzled
To Decrease
To Pay
To Speak / Talk
To Think
To Wear / To Put On
To Dry
To Call
To Want / To Desire
To Watch Over
To Jump / To Fly
To Write
To Swim
To Divide
To Close / To Be Closed
To Enter
To Embarrass / To Confuse
To Open / To Hold An Event, Party, Etc
To Go
To Add To / To Include
To Dance
To Run Away / To Escape
To Play
To Work
To Be Glad / To Be Pleased
To Multiply
To Do / To Make
To Hurry
To Receive
To Be Sad / To Grieve
To Pray / To Wish For
To Wait
To Borrow
To Push
To Whisper
To Be Delighted
To Say
To Believe / To Trust
To Forgive / To Allow / To Approve
To Continue / To Proceed
To Eat
To Understand
To Repeat
To Sit
To Be Next
To End
To Sing

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