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Forced Order
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The Cast
The main character: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's father: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's mother: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's older sister: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's younger sister: 
Portrayed by: 
The time-traveling prophetic bunny rabbit: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's love interest: 
Portrayed by: 
Motivational speaker and author: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's science teacher: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's english teacher: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's gym teacher: 
Portrayed by: 
One of the bullies: 
Portrayed by: 
The other bully: 
Portrayed by: 
The old woman waiting for a letter: 
Portrayed by: 
Donnie's therapist: 
Portrayed by: 
Asian girl who has a crush on Donnie: 
Portrayed by: 
Disney star who plays Kim in one scene: 
Writer/Director of the film: 
'Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?' 
Who said it? 
'_______ is a product of fear.' 
Who said it? 
'What did Roberta Sparrow say to you?' 
Who said it? 
'How's it feel to have a wacko for a son?' 
Who said it? 
'Oh, please tell me Elizabeth, how exactly does one ______?' 
Who said it? 
'You're right, actually. I am pretty- I'm, I'm pretty troubled and I'm, I'm pretty confused. But I... and I'm afraid. Really, really afraid. Really afraid. But I... I... ________.' 
Who said it? 
'Do you even know who Graham Greene is?' 
Who said it? 
'I just want it to be... at a time when... it...' 
Who said it? 
'i just turn down the volume and think about ______' 
Who said it? 
Random Trivia
The nickname kids gave Roberta Sparrow: 
The book she wrote: 
Why was Donnie arrested? 
Donnie and his friends rant about this classic cartoon: 
What falls on Donnie's room? 
The poster of an eye reflecting a skull is a copy of an etching done by what artist? 
The most beautiful phrase in the Engish language: 
When will the world end? 
The movie Donnie and Gretchen go see: 
Why won't Gretchen kiss Donnie? 
Why did Gretchen change her name? 
What did Donnie want for Christmas as a kid? 
The God Machine: 
What book does Donnie's English teacher first assign? 
What book does she assign after the first book is banned? 
Donnie's little sister is the lead dancer of this dance team: 
Who is Donnie's older sister voting for? 
What year does the film take place? 
What state does the film take place in? 
What city? 
Whose house does Donnie burn down? 
What do the police find in the wreckage? 
Which eye does Donnie shoot Frank in? 
What are the two most powerful human emotions? 
Philosophy of Time Travel
Who is Frank in the primary universe? 
What is the artifact that triggers the tangent universe? 
The key elements of time travel: 
Who is the living reciever? 
Who is the manipulated dead? 
What is the manipulated dead supposed to set? 
Who are the manipulated living? 
The fourth dimension: 

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