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What was May's starter Pokemon?Fire type
Where is Ash from?Kanto Region
Who is Ash's best friend?He's a mouse Pokemon
How many 'Eeveeloutions' are there?Don't forget to count the newest Eeveeloution, Sylveon
What stone is needed to evolve a Pikachu into a Raichu?
Which Eeveelution can melt in the water?It's not Glaceon
Which of Brock's Pokemon kept him in check when he ran into girls?This Pokemon used Poison Jab on him before dragging him away.
What Pokemon did Clemet catch for his little sister Bonnie?Electric and Fairy Type
How many types of Pokemon are there?Electric, Water, Fire, Grass, etc.
What is Pikachu's hidden ability?
How tall is Arcanine?Example 5'7
What are the 2 evolutions that some before Staraptor?
What catagory is Ninetales in?Example: Pikachu is a Mouse and Absol is Disaster
What is Eevee's weakness?
Houndoom is a ____ and ____ type PokemonFill in the blanks
What was Iris's main Pokemon?Example Dawns main Pokemon is Piplup.
Who refers to Japanese rice balls as jelly filled donutsIt's either Ash, May, Brock or Max
What is Absol's hidden ability?
Lebron James is just a foot taller than the average height of what Fire Type Pokemon?It has wings
Which Pokemon was originally going to be Ash's starter Pokemon?It's NOT Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle
Which Pokemon uses it's feet to fly?It has no wings
What was the original plan for the title before settling on Pokemon?
Each of the Pokemon Professers are names after what?
What two Pokemon are named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan?
Which Pokemon was the first to be created?It's not Bulbasaur even though he's the 1st one regestered in the Pokedex
Gengar is actually the shadow of what Fairy Type Pokemon?It's pink
Jessie and James were named after what famous Outlaw?
What Pokemon has a 1 in 3 chance of changing gender when it evolves?He's Blue!
Splash is what type of move?It's not a Water Type move
What Pokemon is said to appear right before a natural disaster occurs?
What is the largest known Pokemon?It weighs 877.4lbs and is 47 feel tall!!!
Which legendary Pokemon controls Space?
What is Pyroars hidden ability?
Which legendary Pokemon controls time?
Which Ghost Pokemon can change in a lawnmower, fridge, washing machine and a fan?
Which of the 3 legendary birds is captured to awaken Lugia?The 3 legendary birds are Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
What Pokemon looks most like a human?
Parry found on route 45 battles with what Pokemon?Brock also had this Pokemon
Which 2 route are home to Murkrow at night?The 2 route numbers are between 1 and 20
Where did Professer Oak teach before coming to Pallet Town to start off new trainers?Most populated city in the Kanto Region
Dawn is from ____________ in the ______ region.Type the town first then the region
How many siblings does Brock have?
Which male character is voiced by a female?I'm talking main characters
What is Misty's Trainer Class?I know she's a trainer but what else is she?
What Region is May from?
Max is the younger brother of which character?
Brock is the leader of what gym?His badge is The Boulder Badge
Butch and Cassidy were named after what famous Outlaw?
What Pokemon do all Officer Jenny's have?Not Arcanine!
What 3 Pokemon are typically owned by Nurse Joy's?They're all pink! One is owned by almost every Nurse Joy in Kanto, the Orange Archipelago, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, One is owned by Nurse Joys in Unova and the Decolore Islands and the other is owned by Nurse Joy's in Kalos

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