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ClueBand MemberBand
Was originally a fill in bassist for MIW but soon became a permanent member
The cat obsessed ginger
Married to Lights and has a daughter named Rocket
Arrested for defending a fan who recently comitted suicide
Openly Gay Singer/Screamer in Blood On The Dance Floor
The adorable drummer who away seems to be eating in music videos...
The adorable 'Sexican' that loves Starwars and turtles
Screamer of KUZA
Black Veil Brides member obsessed with girls and Hello Kitty
ClueBand MemberBand
Current vocalist of Farewell My Love
_______ 'Rage' _______
Andy Biersacks current girlfriend
Current Vocalist and Guitarist for From First To Last and former guitarist and backing vocalist of DRUGS
'Cop's gotta poop to!' :P
Bassist with the nickname 'Buttjaw'
____ Kowal
Passed away November 1 2012
Black Veil Brides original drummer
Death growls for A Skylit Drive

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