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Ash's very 1st Pokemon
This Pokemon protected Pikachu from a rebounded Electro Ball
This Pokemon stole the berry Bonnie was going to give to Dedenne
They call this Pokemon 'The Champion Of The Forest'
Ash's 4th Pokemon
Ash and Brock saved this pokemon from death
Ash's 7th Pokemon caught in Kanto
This Pokemon is know to hug Prof. Oak
Ash captured 30 of them in the Safari Zone
Ash had to leave this Pokemon with Oak because he could no longer afford to feed it
Ash's first catch in Johto
Ash left this Pokemon with Oak when he left to get a fresh start in Hoenn
Evolved into Quilava while battling Team Rocket
Ash and Misty battled to see who would keep this pokemon
One of Ash's incredibly rare Pokemon
Evolved into Donphan to free Pikachu from Team Rocket
Evolved from Taillow during a ring contest
Captured after Ash helped protect it's tree home
Captured while terrorizing Dewford Island
Found under attack by a bunch of Steel Pokemon
Evolved into Glalie when Ash entered the Hoenn League
Evolved from Staravia during a Poke-Ringer contest
Evolved from Grotle during a battle with Team Rocket
Evolved from Monferno while protecting Pokemon from Team Rocket
Used to belong to Dawn
Evolved after grabbing a Razor Fang while falling
1st encountered when Ash met Old Lady Tatsu
Captured as a Pidove in episode 'Enter Iris And Axew'
Tries to knock Pikachu off Ash's shoulder
Found as a Tepig at Battle Club in Accumula Town
Captured after it took Cilan's food
Hatched from an egg recieved from Day Care center on route 3
Captured as Sewabble in Pinwheel Forest
Captured in the Episode 'Facing Fear With Eye's Wide Open'
Captured in BW037 after helping save some Roggenrola from Team Rocket
Was accidently blasted off into the sky by Pikachu but returned later
Left to start a family with a pink female of it's kind
Captured during a contest but had to be released due to contest rules
Left in forest to lead flock, Ash promised to come back for it
Ash's 1st catch in the Orange Islands
Traded Butterfree for it but later traded back
Followed Ash to the Grand Festival and stole his hat
Given to Casey because she loves black and yellow striped Pokemon
Left it with a trainor to become a P1 Champion
Left to lead the ________ Squad
Used when Ash filled in for Lara at a race
Borrowed from Dr.Akihabara to stop Team Rocket
Used during a Pokemon League Exam. Battled Jolteon
Used during a Pokemon League Exam. Battled Flareon
3rd and final Pokemon used in the exam but was accidently blasted off with Team Rocket
Borrowed from Hagatha to navigate the haunted forest
Borrowed from Misty for the Fire and Rescue Grand Prix (Water Type)
Borrowed from Misty for the Fire and Rescue Grand Prix (Psychic Type)
Brocks Pokemon mistaked for Pikachu by Team Rocket
Borrowed from master Hamm to battle with May
Ash teamed up with this Pokemon to escape the Labyrinth (Electric Type)
Ash teamed up with this Pokemon to escape the Labyrinth (Water Type)
Ash teamed up with this Pokemon to escape the Labyrinth (Fighting Type)
Ash took care of this Pokemon for the 1st 2 days of the Pokemon Summer Academy
Ash Rode this Pokemon in a triathlon (Has a spring for a tail)
Ash Rode this Pokemon in a triathlon (Looks like a stingray)
Borrowed from Dawn to freeze water for Dawns sick Pachirisu
Borrowed from Dawn to shatter ice for Dawns sick Pachirisu
Temporarily commanded this Pokemon to help win over a love intrest
Trained it to help it evolve after it's swarm left it behind
Borrowed for a _______ Race in Saumiru Village
Left with Sabrina
Given to Ash as an egg to give to prof Oak. Ash later helped it reunite with it's mother

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