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Hint/PhraseCreepypasta Character
Psycho Blue Hedge Hog
Slenderman's opposite
Go To Sleep
My Little Pony
Dont Let Him In
Can You Feel The Sunshine
No Eyes Always Watching
Sleep Experiment Gone Wrong
He's Under The Bed
The Strongest Of Them All
Orange Hoody, Red Eyes, Stitched Smile
Hint/PhraseCreepypasta Character
He Died
Smile Pretty For Me
Yellow Hoodie, White Mask, Black Eyes
Just Empty Black Sockets
A Boy With Turrets
Resembles a Little Blonde Elf
Big Ears To Go With A Big Smile
Razor Sharp Claws
Always Tries To Kill Jeff
Slenderman's 'Daughter'
Stuffs Kids With Candy
Spread The Word

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