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ChorusSong Band/Artist
Generation F*** star the lost have found their way generation F*** star revenge will have it's dayDavey Suicide
It will be up it will be up to this it's guts you out and make you feel worthless congratulations to the class of 2004 I See Stars
I've got a secret it's on the tip of my tongue it's at the back of my lungs and I'm gonna keep it I know something you don't knowBring Me The Horizon
Oh I've lost my F***ing mind it happens all the time I can't stand myself I'm an A**hole baby oh I'm fashionably late I'm the one you love to hate cuz I can't stand myself cuz I'm Ronnie Radke ft Andy Biersack
Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches I slam in the back of my DragulaMotionless In White (Cover)
Creepy girls you're just my style blood red lipstick you don't smile falling victim to your fantasy damn I love it that you're so creepyGhost Town
It's nine oclock on the dot at the spot and I'm hanging with her friends again great taste beautiful place and you're fashionably late and I dont wanna be that guy that makes you sFalling In Reverse
I got the white line fever and an appitite for sin if theres a black hole heading for hell then baby count me on woah oh I sold my sole so long ago a bullet in a chamber with nowheAsking Alexandria
Oh this it the end of everything that I've know no way of knowing if I'll ever be home I dont ever wanna be alone alone oh and if I try to make it out of this town no way of knowinFalling In Reverse
How can it be this hard far away is just too far for my broken heart my broken heart so wake up sleeping beauty I'll love you today kill you tomorrowSnow Whites Poison Bite
I'll see you in Hell I'll see you in Hell with all expectations burnt in my head the blood of the guilty awakens the deadKUZA
Serial killer girl you're such a murderer I'll be your victim number one so please kiss my lips and kill me quick I'm just another dead kidSnow Whites Poison Bite
We want it all we want it now don't ever tell us what to do we are the kids of America we want it all we don't care how we'll never ever be like you we are the kids of AmericaDavey Suicide
Sex and white lies hand cuffs and alibies she lays her halo on her pillow where she sleeps her heart beats red wine my toxic valentine she lays her halo on the pillow that used to All Time Low
How did we get here tonight my head is sure of suicide when did you change inside of me beautiful unholy eyesVampires Everywhere
Well maybe it's not my weekend but it's gonna be my year and I'm so sick of watching all the minutes pass as I go nowhere and this is my reaction to everything I fear cuz I've beenAll Time Low
Wolves come out of the woodwork and leaches crawl from out of the dirt rats come out of the holes they call home I fall apart and the snakes start to singBring Me The Horizon
Two as one for all the nights we missed F*** if I wasn't such a pessimist this chapter could've played out differently one for all the nights we missed F*** if I wasn't such a pessFrom First To Last
I know this pretty rave girl always think about her and when she says hi to me butterflies go right through me when I see her dancing wanna take a chance in getting a little closerBreathe Carolina
With bleeding hands I fight for a life that's beat me down stand up and scream while the rest of the world won't make a sound with bleeding hands I fight with the pride left in me Escape The Fate
I'd sell my soul just for one more night with you I'd kiss the devils hand for one more night with youDavey Suicide
No one can hear you scream dont ever fall asleep he'll pull you underneath you're dying in your dreams just open open your eyes one last time no one no one can hear you scream you'For All Those Sleeping
I'll take a bullet for the right to save the pure I'll fall down to my knees I'll give you everything you need I'll hold you close to me before the bomb explodes and when our ashesDavey Suicide
18 and life you got it 18 and life you know your crime is time and it's 18 and life to go 18 and life you got it 18 and life you know your crime is time and it's 18 and life to goAsking Alexandria (Cover)
I'm c-c-calling it quits right now this time we're playing games and all we do is fight it's getting late so oli oli oli oxen free all the bad girls come chill with me your loves aFalling In Reverse
Backseat serenade dizzy hurricane oh god I'm sick of sleeping alone you're something like a summer day kiss the sweat away to your radio backseat serenade little hand grenade oh goAll Time Low
All these things I can't stop running through my head these things I can't stop running through everything I'm not the man I used to beGet Scared
It's the start of the end surrender the throne the blood on my hands covered the holes we've been surrounded by vicious cycles are we truly alone the scars on your heart are yours Bring Me The Horizon
Hello haters and hello friends it's me Jeremy I'm back again all my haters all my friends I'm the ookie bookie monster and I'm back for my revenge hello haters and hello friends I'Snow White Poison Bite
Just like the cigarettes hurt just like the whiskey burns woah oh oh woah oh oh I guess I'm never gonna learn just like the cigarettes hurt just like the whiskey burns I guess I'm Asking Alexandria
You're scared I can see you tremble shaking like a dog shitting razor blades feel the shadows like a stranger well join the club yeah join the club do you think you're the only oneBring Me The Horizon
What if it all turned out to be a dream for once in a while I can't I can't escape the feeling your fantasy is my reality for once in my life I wont I wont wake up from dreaming onOverworld
So what if you can see that darkest side of me no one will ever change this animal I have become help me believe it's not the real me somebody help me tame this animal I have becomThree Days Grace
Hello Brooklyn Hey LA take the streets all night cuz we sleep all day when the world comes crashing down whos ready to party hello Brooklyn hey LA coast to coast I'll take you downAll Time Low
ChorusSong Band/Artist
In my chest is a grave I'll bury every thought of you In my chest is a grave I'll bury every thought of youDavey Suicide
Please tell me why my car is in the front yard and I'm sleeping with my clothes on came in through the window last night and you're goneGet Scared (Cover)
Crossed out wrist bound everybody get down come on and get me come on and get me blacked out ghost town light it up and burn it down you wanna blame me you never met me on your kneMotionless In White
The director yells cut but the camera's still rolling this is my life and you can't fast forward it you wanna stop you wanna top all the charts it's a wrap it's wrap it's a wrap itJeffree Star ft Breathe Carolina
We booked our flight those years ago I said I loved you as I left you regrets still haunt my hallow head I promised you I will see you againBlack Veil Brides
We're gonna do it tonight hey hey hey we're gonna set it on fire hey hey hey cuz you're a F***ing machine hey hey hey my little Hustler QueenDavey Suicide
Fake faces everywhere I see fake people looking back at me sit down don't tell me don't tell me where I don't belongFrom First To Last
Brick by brick by brick these walls begin to cave in the house of wolves you built whispers in a thousand tongues brick by brick by brick these walls begin to cave in the house of Bring Me The Horizon
We can't keep living the way that we have been it'll catch up to us and destroy everything else as well I know we were never perfect but it was more than worth it and we don't deseWe Came As Romans
She's dancing alone I'm ready to go but she's so lost in stereo lost in stereo she's out of control so beautiful in stereo lost in stereo and I've been waiting for so long but she'All Time Low
You are the star of 666 you're the mother of I don't give a **** you licked the crucifix star of 666Vampires Everywhere
Don't mind us we're just spilling our guts if this is love I don't wanna be loved you pollute the room with a filthy tongue watch me choke it down so I can throw it up don't mind uGet Scared
You told me think about it well I did now I dont wanna feel a thing anymore I tired of begging for the things that I want I'm over sleeping like a dog on the floorPierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn
Hocus pocus tragic magic put this dance floor in a panic if she hollars let her know wind her up and watch her go oh woah oh we're the ones you were warned about woah woah oh smileBlood On The Dance Floor
Glaring across the grave yard inhaling the fog icy air of the night we are the night we are the immortal blood rip the world apart rip the world apart kill all the lies kill all thKUZA
Let's kill the chemicals inside our head fear is just a lie that hides that lies within let's kill the chemicals inside our head fear is just a lie that hides that leaves us deadVampires Everywhere
They wanna see blood they wanna see hate like a needle in your vein a sickness with no name in a world thats insane whys america to blame when you're praying for a change to a god Deuce
I'm burning down every bridge we made I watch you choke on the hearts you break I'm bleeding out every word you say go to Hell for Heavens sakeBring Me The Horizon
I've said it once I've said it twice I've said it a thousand F***ing times that I'm ok that I'm fine that it's al just in my mind but this has got the best of me and I can't seem tBring Me The Horizon
I'm living a lie there's a creature hiding inside of me black as the night with a cold dead heart and a lust to sin so I shut it out I bottle up I hide it from the world if I let iAsking Alexandria
I'm leaving I'm leaving why did I waste my time on you you made me believe now I can see I'm on my own Upon This Dawning
We're always running away and we don't even stop to think about it the worlds in our hands yeah they don't need to understand we'll do it our own way no matter what they try and saAndy BLACK (Andy Biersack)
I don't owe you anything you'll only die a dream forgotten I've got my pride so hear me sing I'll never let you steal my coffinBlack Veil Brides
Sit back as your world decays I can't explain why you're falling apart you need to find someone else to blame for the hurt and the pain I'm not the reason that you're insaneEscape The Fate
Let's go down go down to the morgue yeah let's go down go down let's go down go down to the morgue to spill out some morticians bloodSnow Whites Poison Bite
Our last time to make stars collide right before our eyes believe in everything everything you've ever know reciting words we lost these years wont ever be untold I wont be aloneA Skylit Drive
Wendy run away with me I know I sound crazy can't you see what you do to me I wanna be your lost boy last chance a better reality Wendy we can get away I promise if you're me say tAll Time Low
A saviour will be there when you are feeling alone oh a saviour will be there so you'll live freely without there harmBlack Veil Brides
I am the devil I am the fallen I am the evil one I am the devil I am the fallen I am the evil one KUZA
It was like a time bomb set into motion we knew that we were destined to explode and if I had to pull you out of the wreckage you know I'm never gonna let you go we're like a time All Time Low
Don't judge me just love me I'm not a criminal I'm innocent so come and set me free I choose ecstasy and musics my religion magic is my kingdom and the dance floor is my heaven I gBlood On The Dance Floor
Note to self I miss you terribly this is what we call a tragedy come back to me come back to me to me note to self I miss you terribly this is what we call a tragedy come back to mFrom First To Last
I'm insane I can feel it in my bones coarsing through my veins when did I become so cold for goodness sake where is my self control if home is where my heart is then my heart has lFalling In Reverse
Run baby run don't ever look back they'll tear us apart if we give them the chance don't sell your heart don't say we're not meant to be run baby run forever we'll be you and meWe The Kings
ChorusSong Band/Artist
I'd give up my eyes to see you one last time and I'd give all my fingertips to touch you and I could paint you picture perfect even if I were blinded but you had to die for me to sEscape The Fate
Six feet down where the corpses smell that's where my body's at am I going to Hell locked inside this coffin case the hurse takes me to a better place if I meet you will you meet mSnow Whites Poison Bite
Break free breaking out tonight killing everything but the lights destroying everything in our sight I'm F***ing free to night oh woah oh oh we're taking over oh woah oh oh we're tBlood On The Dance Floor
Even though I'm on my own I know I'm not alone cuz I know theres someone somewhere praying that I make it home so heres one from the heart my life right from the start I need a homAsking Alexandria
It's a sick sick sick sick suicide dreaming keeps us alive sick sick suicide we are partners in crime it takes a tragedy to leave a legacy a sick sick sick suicideDavey Suicide
Dont let the world bring you down theres always hope for the willing dont let the world bring you down its not over you're not alone anymoreOf Mice & Men
Can you tell from the look in our eyes we're going no where we live our lives like we're ready to die we're going nowhere you can run but you'll never escape over and over again wiBring Me The Horizon
Every hour of my life I will give you every minute of my day I'll do whatever it takes pull you out from the rock that you're under every second that it takes until this pendulum bA Skylit Drive
Come come kitty kitty you're so pretty pretty dont go kitty kitty stay with me come come kitty kitty you're so silly silly don't go kitty kitty play with meAvril Lavigne
Josies in love tonight with the undead sh-sh-she sacrificed all she had her heart wont beat again Josies in love tonight with the undeadVampires Everywhere
Every shooting star reminds me of when Hollywood lost the brightest that shine that spark the sun set too soon that nightBreathe Carolina
Have you no honour have you no soul what is it they're dying for do you really even know have you no backbone have you no spine what ever happened to no one gets left behindFive Finger Death Punch
They call us problem child we spend our lives on trial we walk an endless mile we are the youth gone wild we'll stand and we wont fall we're one and one for all the writings on theAsking Alexandria (Cover)
Break down the walls I want it all I wont stop until I burn this to the ground I scream and shout till the lights go out I wont stop until I burn this to the ground you wont take tAsking Alexandria
When words mean nothing I'll be here singing on and on and on and on worlds away I'll still be singing on and on and on and onFrom First To Last
It's the end it's the end of prom night it's the end she's not in the highlights but she's in the dark she's not a queen she's so torn apart because I think it's too late to get drSnow Whites Poison Bite
These issues pin me to the floor these issues are my over lord I feel so dominated these issues they choke me like a nooseEscape The Fate
Call it love call it lies call it anything you'd like I'd do anything to bring you back to life call it love call it fear till we all just disappear I'd do anything to keep your heVampires Everywhere
Take me to the sun I feel like chasing rainbows and now I'm lost and all alone waiting for the chance to sink my teeth into another desperation melt into your lonely paradiseBring Me The Horizon
Six sex six Killafornia's going crazy in the six sex six all the ladies wanna F*** in the six sex six raise the horns to the holy in the six sex six grab your crucifixes hail to thDavey Suicide
We scream we shout we are the fallen angels we scream we shout woah oh woah oh oh oh oh to those who sing alone no need to fell this sorrow we scream we shout woah oh we are the faBlack Veil Brides
I wont let you be the death of me no I refuse to let you bring me down bring me down I wont let you make me out to be the ones whos in the wrong I know I lost my mind before but I'Asking Alexandria
That little kiss you stole it held my heart and soul like a deer in the headlights I meet my fate dont try to fight the storm you'll tumble overboard tides will bring me back to yoBring Me The Horizon
The edge of a fine line your dreams can't be pushed aside take them home tonight I'm gonna stay alive just stay here alive for cuz life is enough to die for beginnings aren't endinFarewell My Love
Take your hand in mine it's our tonight this is a rebel love song hearts will sacrifice it's do or die this is a rebel love songBlack Veil Brides
I've got my hands up yeah yeah I'm starring down the barrel of a loaded night I've got my hands up yeah yeah so do you want me or do you want me deadAll Time Low
I'm gonna break your little heart watch you take the fall laughing all the way to the hospital cuz there's nothing surgery can do I'm gonna break your little heart show you to the All Time Low
This is who we are this is what we know we ain't ever gonna stop so this is who I am this is what I know cuz I'm a mother F***ing freak showKUZA
Shake it out shake it out shake it out shake it out oh woah oh shake it out shake it out shake it out shake it out oh woah I't hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake it oBen Bruce (Cover)
Nine millimetre bullets through her chest suicidal cuts slashed through her flesh her living equals waste of deathSnow Whites Poison Bite
Your thighs were meant for cheeks to graze my lips your poison lead you to your knees your thighs were meant for cheeks to graze my lips your poison bring you to your kneesAsking Alexandria
I see you there with your hands up I know it's real cuz you're just like us head high giving no F***s we'll be the ones they hateBreathe Carolia

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