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Forced Order
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LyricsMissing Lyric
Turn out the ______
That _____ out inside your mind
You'll _____ out the evil
That _____ out
That leaves your ____ inside
It ______ you
_______ for security
It ______ you
wanting ____ serenity
The ____ you make of this
____ deep with in you
Can't you ___
Don't be ______ to _____ your ____ at night
____ the chest that is ______ inside your ____
Just for the ______
We'll make all of these ______ seem better
The ____ ahead
For those who _____
Playing the ________ dreamer instead
The ____ of a fine line
Your dreams can't be pushed _____
Take them ____ tonight
I'm gonna stay _____
LyricsMissing Lyric
Just ____ here alive for
Cuz ____ is enough to die for
Beginnings aren't _______
Hold on tight and _____ the ride
What's ___ seen
Not ________
By their ____
Just _____ me that
Your _____ speaks
Your _____ seeks
You make your _______
It ______ you
_______ or security
It ______ you
_______ more serenity
The ____ you make of this
Lies ____ with in you
____ you see
The edge of a ____ line
Your ______ can't be pushed aside
Take them home _______
I'm gonna ____ alive
Just stay here _____ for
LyricsMissing Lyric
Cuz life is enough to ___ for
__________ aren't endings
____ on tight and enjoy the ride
When ____ hangs on a thread
________ songs that mend
All of the _____ exists
______ the dark where we lived
When hope hangs on a ______
Remember _____ that mend
All of the light ______
Inside the dark where we _____
Don't be afraid to _____ your eyes at night
Open the _____ that is locked inside your mind
The edge of a fine ____
Your dreams can't be ______ aside
Take them ____ tonight
I'm gonna stay _____
Just ____ here alive for
Cuz life is ______ to die for
Beginnings _____ endings
Hold on _____ and enjoy the ride

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