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Lead singer of Black Veil BridesA
(MIW) Josh ____B
Drummer of Farewell My LoveC
Ben Bruces best friend and band mateD
Craig Mabbit, Max Green, TJ Bell, Robert Ortiz, and Kevin GruftE
Don't Mess With Ouija Boards F
Nick Matthews is the lead singerG
Track from Sex And Hollywood Album by Black Veil BridesH
Get Scared released a music video for this is 2010I
Star X Speed Story J
'Lets ____ ___ _________ inside our heads!'K
3rd track on Under The Gun by Modern Day EscapeL
Ash Castellos bandN
Owner of Drop Dead ClothingO
The band with 4 crazy mexicansP
Kellin _____Q
The most adorable guitarist ever!!! He is also OBSESSED with the band HIMR
Plays keys for My Sattelite and is married to Jinxx (BVB)S
Former member of Motionless In White and current member of Escape The Fate and Bad RabbitsT
Song by Five Finger Death Punch 'You can be me and I will be you'U
Former name of The Killing LightsV
Song by From First To Last sung by only Matt Good and the video is in the desertW
Song by Blood On The Dance Floor (2 letters and 1 number)X
Song by Suicide Silence 'You only live one life for a very very short time so make every second divine'Y
Member of All Time Low that used to have lots of curly hairZ
BONUS: Killer and Tokyo (Pomeranians) belong to Ashley PurdyTrue Or False
BONUS: Jayy Von Monroe is NOT openly gayTrue Or False
BONUS: What's Andy Biersack's real name?1. Andrew Dennis Six 2. Andy Dallas Biersack 3. Andrew Dennis Biersack
BONUS: What colors are Diva and Diamond (Jeffree Stars dogs)1. Black and Blonde 2. Red and Yellow 3. Green and Orange 4. Silver and Gold 5. Pink and Purple

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