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Can you name the Spiderman Enemies from the folowing clues?

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Forced Order
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Respected scientist who uses four mechanical arms in his experiments
Spiderman's worst enemy. Rides a glider and throws 'Pumpkin' bombs
One-armed scientist who creates a serum from reptilian DNA in hopes of gaining reptile-like regeneration abilities
His cells are spliced with sand molecules and his body becomes a mass of a sand-like substance
Develops a pair of gauntlets capable of throwing powerful vibrational blasts. Wears a gold and brown costume
Wears a dark costume and has all of Spiderman's powers. Knows Spiderman's identity
Has a self-invented anti-gravity pack, wings for faster flying and a birdlike costume
Big game hunter who disdains the use of of guns and bows or arrows and rather defeat animals with his bare hands
Underwent an experimental animal mutation therapy, imbuing him with super-strength, speed, and endurance at the cost of his sanity

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